Our Mission 

Roll Up Your Sleeves is a movement dedicated to those who are suffering the physical scars from mental illness including, self-harm, NSSID, drug abuse, and suicide attempts. Many people find it difficult to move forward from the stigma attached and the constant reminders branded on their bodies. We would like to offer a solution to anybody suffering in silence. Your struggle does not define you, and neither do your scars.

I have proudly partnered up with renowned cosmetic surgeon, Doctor Alexander Rivkin, to launch our new campaign Roll Up Your Sleeves, in support of Mental Health Awareness. Roll Up Your Sleeves is an organization designed to help instill confidence and hope to those who suffer with the physical scars from their battle with mental illness, by offering a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure to help diminish the appearance of scars.

I understand the reality that not everybody can afford the cost of treatment, or may be ashamed to even look for solutions, and this is why we created Roll Up Your Sleeves. Dr. Rivkin will be providing this self-created procedure completely pro-bono to those who are in need and wouldn’t otherwise have the financial means to do so. His abilities to erase scars that stand as a constant reminder of oneʼs past, can help a person tremendously move forward on the path to healing and well being. Roll Up Your Sleeves is dedicated to helping as many people possible put their past behind them, feel confident, and hopeful again.

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