Dr. Alexander Rivkin

Alexander Rivkin, M.D. is a Yale-trained facial cosmetic surgeon and Assistant Clinical Professor at the David Geffen, UCLA School of Medicine. He has focused his practice, Westside Aesthetics, exclusively on providing patients with the latest in non-invasive, non-ablative cosmetic treatments.

Dr. Rivkin is a globally recognized authority on non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Known for developing and popularizing the Non-Surgical Nose Job, Dr. Rivkin is an artist and an innovator. He was trained as a Head and Neck surgeon but has devoted his career to providing patients the transformative cosmetic results they desire without the pain, expense, downtime, and risk that comes with traditional plastic surgery.

The intimate knowledge of surgical anatomy and surgical facial analysis that he gained in his training have served as the foundation for his non-surgical cosmetic innovations. This knowledge has also been critical to the safety and amazing efficacy of his procedures for over fifteen years. In addition to his signature Non- Surgical Nose Job, he has helped develop and popularize non-invasive procedures for cheek enhancement, jaw enhancement, jaw reduction, blepharoplasty, chin augmentation, and self-harm scar revision. He divides his time between patient care at Westside Aesthetics, clinical research, physician education, media appearances, and lecturing at scientific conferences throughout the world.