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What is RUYS

Roll Up Your Sleeves is a movement dedicated to those who are suffering the physical scars from mental illness including, self-harm, NSSID, drug abuse, and suicide attempts. Many people find it difficult to move forward from the stigma attached and the constant reminders branded on their bodies. We would like to offer a solution, free of cost, to anybody suffering in silence. Your struggle does not define you, and neither do your scars.

Meet Michelle Borth

From action to drama and romantic comedies, Michelle Borth has become known in the entertainment industry through the charismatic and versatile characters she has brought to life on screen. In 2019 Borth can be seen starring in New Line Cinema’s highly anticipated, DC Comic superhero film “Shazam” opposite Zachary Levi.

Meet Dr. Rivkin

Dr. Alexander Rivkin, a Yale trained facial cosmetic surgeon and Assistant Clinical Professor at the David Geffen, UCLA School of Medicine, provides his self-created procedure completely pro-bono. “I was elated that a five- minute procedure would have such an impact on oneʼs quality of life. The five minutes it took to erase the scars that had caused so many years of shame and anxiety were the epiphany to start Roll Up Your Sleeves.”


Mental Health Services


Self Harm – Cutting- NSSID


LGBTQIA+ Communities


Abuse Hotline & Services


Suicide Awareness Services


Treatment Centers


Alcohol & Narcotics Anonymous


How Can I Help

Our goal is to shine a light on these issues and offer a service designed to help bring people on a path to healing. I’m overwhelmed and so grateful at the number of fans, family, friends, and just the general public who have shared their stories with me and asked: What can I do? How can I get involved? How can I donate?

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
~ Helen Keller

We would like to thank our amazing team of volunteers for all of their hardwork and time contributed to making Roll Up Your Sleeves possible.

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Industry Entertainment

Karen Stevens

Public Relations

Dave Wilson

AA & NA Advocacy
Copy Writing

Chrissy Spear-Mulder

Digital Media / Web Design